Pols Potten

POLS POTTEN Bakkie Basket Lace - L


Get inspired by the Bakkie Basket. Decorative, colorful, and playful, the Bakkie Basket brings the nostalgia of traditional weaved baskets straight to your interior. If you long for times past but not experienced, this basket will please your eyes and your spirit. The Bakkie takes weaving to the next level as it spins cultures and languages together into one beautiful product. The name comes from the “flat” Dutch word “bakkie” which means a bowl to put things in. The structure is a nod to true craftsmanship: the women who created these pieces weave with metal wires in their own homes. It’s also the metal wires that lend the baskets their durability. You’ll feel the difference the second you hold it. Pick one up today to store your things in or share with your friends.

Ø40 x H9 cm


Matt powder coated

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